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Christmas Trees that make Memories!

Do you have pre-cut or shipped-in trees?
No. Everything is grown on the farm and still growing in the ground when you come to pick out a tree. A fresh-cut tree smells wonderful. If you need help choosing or cutting a tree, we can help you.
How long will a Christmas tree last in my house?

It depends on the tree and attention you give it. All cut trees need water. Please keep your tree’s water dish full, no extra plant food is necessary. Three to Four weeks is reasonable for a cut Christmas tree. Excellent needle-retentive choices include Canaan fir, and Eastern White pine. The advantage of cutting a fresh tree yourself, is that alone increases needle retention over precut dead trees many fold.

How many trees do you have growing on the farm?

We have a little over 100 acres devoted to growing various hardwoods, ornamentals, and evergreens. There are literally tens of thousands of trees growing in all different stages of life.

How much do your choose and cut trees cost?

We Have a tree for anyone’s budget. This year all trees that are for sale have a tag with the price. If a tree does not have a price tag on it, it is not for sale. We also have some trees tagged with a long piece of flagging tape, these are priced at a significant discount.

Method of Payment?

Cash and Check preferred, Credit Cards accepted. Credit Card fee of 2.6% + $.10  .


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